Top 5 ways to take your company out of the Stone Age with HRIS


In today’s day and age, companies are looking to implement new technology in every area from sales and marketing to recruiting and even customer service.  So why is it that SO many HR Departments still run their employee benefits programs like its 1980?

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I mean come on, half of your employees weren’t even alive when some of the forms you’re using to on-board them were developed!

The truth is there are some really easy and FREE things you can do to take your company’s HR department out of the stone age.

Save time and get some love from your employees:

The best part about embracing technology in your office is that you will personally save a ton of time.  But what most HR business partners don’t realize is that employees are also asking for the ability to do things on their own.  How much time do you spend each day doing cumbersome tasks that could be automated…30 minutes, 40 minuets?   If you could save 30 minutes a day by implementing new technology, that would equal 130 hours or over 16 days a year!  Just picture yourself doing all of those other important things you’ve been putting off because you just don’t have the time.

You can finally get around to updating that employee handbook, or finding that really great candidate, or implementing that wellness program.  All things that your employees and your boss will LOVE but you just can’t seem to find the time for.

We’ve listed the top 5 ways to take your company out of the stone age so you can achieve greatness!

  1. Stop Faxing Stuff – How do you enroll your employees into health insurance today?  Is it with a paper form?  That’s so old school; especially when there are free benefits management and HRIS systems out there that will literally transmit a benefits enrollment to every insurance company you have without any work in a matter of seconds.
  2. Stop Asking employees to fill out paperwork – Maybe it’s just me but if there’s one thing I hate doing as an employee it’s filling out forms.  I bet if you’re the one responsible for collecting those forms you hate them even more than I do!  So why do you do it?  Wouldn’t you rather have a system that sends an email prompting an employee to e-sign an employee handbook, I-9, non-compete or benefits paperwork?  Why wouldn’t anyone want to have a free system that literally reminds employees for you when they haven’t e-signed those pesky forms?  
  3. Stop going back and forth between 100 “Systems” – Let’s get something totally clear, a system is not 10 different websites where you keep bits of data.  A system is where everything is conveniently stored in one place.  I’ve seen so many HR business partners spend half their day jumbling between one website for payroll and another for benefits and yet another for on-boarding.  There’s no reason why these systems can’t talk to each other.  Maybe you’re noticing a trend here but guess what, there is free software out there that lets you manage all of these tasks in ONE place.
  4. Let your employees do the work – If there’s one thing I’ve learned in trying to take my company out of the stone age it’s this.  Embrace self service.  Believe it or not, employees like when they are in the driver’s seat.  If you can just make updating an address or changing a benefit election more like what employees are used to in their everyday lives (a la shopping on they will embrace the tools you’vr provided and love you for it.  New benefits administration technology allows for SO much more self service than ever before.
  5. Go Mobile – Let’s face it, working from home is awesome and in today’s connected world it should be easier than ever. But when the spreadsheet you keep your info on is saved on your desktop or somewhere in your mail box, it makes staying organized a little harder from the work outside of your office. But when that integrated system you have at work is web based, you can pull it up on your iPad or smart phone and can literally work from anywhere.


Some of the Stone Aged things you’ve been doing everyday have worked for all this time so why change?  For starters, we are all being asked to do more every day. Our companies are growing but somehow our department size seems to stay the same.  At the same time, keeping up with all the new government compliance rules doesn’t make things any easier. The reason is simple. We are creatures of habit at the surface.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  But mankind has always made strides to make changes in our lives that make us better. Sure, making your day more efficient is a little different than inventing the wheel but at it’s core they are more similar than different.

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