Healthcare in America is extremely overpriced & these 11 charts prove it.

I would not want to be caught on the wrong end of the bill.

Ask any U.S. healthcare expert and they will tell you, today’s healthcare costs are increasing in at an alarming rate. Compared to the rest of world, the costs for healthcare in America are as comparable as the price to filet mignon to a happy meal. Why is that? Why was I forced to pay such a high bill after going in for a simple, 45-minute procedure? Why did one stitch on my finger result in a bill a week later for $13,000? Thankfully I was covered and don’t have a deductible, but most people do have deductibles and we all feel the effects of these charges in the rising amounts we pay out of our paychecks for insurance coverage.

In the article, “America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.” the data is not so hidden, like it was when I had my procedure. These are very simple procedures and drugs that happen all over the world but the U.S. pays incredible amounts more for. The article does a great job exposing the disparity but offers very few solutions.

America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.


So what can you do?

While reading the article may upset you, the good news is there are ways for small and mid-sized businesses to pay reasonable amounts for these services through new, innovative insurance contracts that pay a fair price for services. If you own or work for a small or mid-sized business you should check out the ways to reduce these costs significantly. It will help control premium increases and save employees money when they seek medical care or medications. Ashton Benefits can help you and your employees put a stop to these inflated charges. We can structure contracts that pay providers based on the “actual cost”of treatment rather than the ballooned price. To learn more about this cost saving option, reach out to Ashton Benefits today.