Human Resources – Weekly Digest – 08.13.19

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Weekly Digest 08.13.19

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Healthcare in America is extremely overpriced & these 11 charts prove it.

I would not want to be caught on the wrong end of the bill.

Ask any U.S. healthcare expert and they will tell you, today’s healthcare costs are increasing in at an alarming rate. Compared to the rest of world, the costs for healthcare in America are as comparable as the price to filet mignon to a happy meal. Why is that? Why was I forced to pay such a high bill after going in for a simple, 45-minute procedure? Why did one stitch on my finger result in a bill a week later for $13,000? Thankfully I was covered and don’t have a deductible, but most people do have deductibles and we all feel the effects of these charges in the rising amounts we pay out of our paychecks for insurance coverage.

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