7 tips to better recruit & engage millennials

Employers juggling multiple generations of workers face special challenges. But as the retiring7k0a0879 baby boomers open up new opportunities for others, employers face another new challenge – recruiting and engaging the millennials. Experts at Colonial Life’s Small Business Hub offer these seven tips to bring more awareness in onboarding a new generation of professionals.

1. Position inspirational leaders at the forefront

Millennials are looking for employers that have strong leadership on top. According to a recent Deloitte study, more millennials were likely to characterize “true leaders” as those with strategic thinking and people with the ability to inspire others. Be sure to keep those at the forefront.

2. Encourage innovation

Millennials are a generation well familiar with cell phones, high-speed internet and ever-changing technologies. A PwC survey showed 59% of millennials believe having the latest technology at a job is critical when looking for an employer.

3. Advertise openings on social media

The Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Study for 2014 found 21 percent of job seekers discovered their favorite or best job through their online social networks. In addition to posting job opportunities on social media, employers should keep up a strong presence on these platforms, as millennials frequent social media at a high rate.

4. Have a meaningful mission statement

When posting job advertisements, clearly state a company’s mission statement in the job listing. As Deloitte points out, millennials are also likely to choose employers based on their personal beliefs and the companies’ values.

5. Highlight advancement opportunities

The younger generations are ambitious, and will want to know up front what their next move will be. According to Futurestep, 20% of millennials indicated a clear path for advancement mattered most to them. When onboarding, employers should open discussions on development opportunities, suggests Trish Healy, vice president of recruitment process outsourcing operations in North America at Futurestep.

6. Mention work-life balance

With millennials often making up two-income households, Colonial Life notes, many crave a steady work-life balance to make time for their families. Flexible working arrangements, such as work-from-home policies, can not only help improve employees’ work-life balance and increase productivity, but also reduce employee turnover.

7. Offer competitive compensation

As college tuition continues to skyrocket, many millennials are starting their careers with some hefty debt. The Futurestep study showed 18% of millennials are likely select a job over another because of title and pay. Colonial Life recommends researching the job market value of certain positions to ensure salaries are competitive.

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